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Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Are you thinking about adding an AKC rottweiler puppy to your family? If so, you should ask this question of every breeder you are considering adopting from. Have you tested your rottweilers for JLPP?

Juvenile laryngeal paralysis and polyneuropathy is a progressive disease found in rottweilers that can cause a puppy’s nervous system to deteriorate. The parents can be carriers of this disease even if they don’t show symptoms. This means your potential puppy could have the disease and you won’t even know until it’s too late.

A puppy with JLPP normally starts showing symptoms at around three months of age. The first signs are problems breathing and swallowing from deterioration of the nerves that control the larynx (voice box). Next comes weakness and coordination problems from deterioration of the nerves that control the hind legs, making it hard for the puppy to get up and stand. There is no cure. Often puppies have to be euthanized before their first birthday to prevent suffering.

In 2019 there is no reason a puppy should be born with JLPP.

A DNA test can be done that will identify if a rottweiler is a carrier of the mutation that causes JLPP. It’s a simple cheek swab that the breeder takes from their dog and sends in to be tested. It’s so easy! Wiggly Butts gets its tests done at the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and you can see the results at

Responsible breeders will never breed dogs that carry the mutation that causes JLPP. There is no reason a puppy should suffer from this disease when a simple DNA test can prevent the pain JLPP can bring to a puppy and its potential family.

We know it's easy to forget to ask this question in all the excitement of getting a new puppy, but it’s so important. Don’t forget to ask breeders about JLPP testing. It could be a matter of life and death for your new family member.

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